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Wee Baby Twin Orthdontic Soother



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The Wee Baby Twin Orthodontic Soother is a cutting-edge pacifier designed to promote healthy oral development in infants. Crafted with orthodontic silicone nipples, it supports the natural shape of the baby's palate and gums, reducing the risk of dental issues such as misalignment or malocclusion. Its innovative twin design features symmetrical nipple shapes, ensuring proper tongue placement and jaw alignment for optimal comfort and development. The ergonomic shield design provides maximum airflow to prevent skin irritation and promote airflow, while the lightweight construction makes it easy for babies to hold and keep in their mouths. The Wee Baby Twin Orthodontic Soother is available in a variety of adorable designs and colors, catering to both babies' preferences and parents' tastes. Additionally, it is BPA-free and made from high-quality, durable materials, guaranteeing safety and longevity. With its focus on promoting healthy oral habits from an early age, the Wee Baby Twin Orthodontic Soother is a must-have for parents looking to provide their little ones with the best possible start in life.

  • The pack contains two soothers.
  • Orthodontic teats encourage a baby's natural sucking motion and help the palate and teeth grow, naturally.
  • The baby's mouth area is kept from being irritated by the air flow openings in the shield.
  • Teat form and softness can be maintained with the Air System. includes a sanitary PP cover.
  • The cover, soother body, and teat are made of silicone.
  • Number: three to six months


Title:Wee Baby Twin Orthdontic Soother- (0-6Months)
Brand:Wee Baby
Country of OriginTurkey
Age6-18 Months
Number of Pieces2 Pcs
Product Weight‎22 g
Material FreeBPA-free