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Cosmetic Online Shop ANAYASE In Bangladesh

Body decoration:
Cosmetics are any of a number of preparations (apart from soap) that are applied to the human body in order to clean, color, condition, or protect the skin, hair, nails, lips, eyes, or teeth, or to beautify, preserve, or change the appearance. See also makeup, perfume.

The remains of items likely used for applying scented unguents and eye makeup indicate that the first cosmetics known to archaeologists were in use in Egypt in the fourth millennium BC. In the Roman Empire, cosmetics were widely used by the time the Christian era began. The application of kohl, a substance derived from lampblack or antimony, was utilized to define the eyelids and darken the lashes and eyebrows. Rouge was applied to the cheeks to make them appear redder, and several types of white powder were used to mimic or accentuate skin tone. A variety of abrasives were used as dentifrices, and bath oils were frequently used. The perfumes that were in use at the time were based on floral and herbal scents that were fixed by natural resins.

Foundations, Face Powder

The traditional foundation is called vanishing cream; it's basically an oil-in-water emulsion with 15 percent solid fatty acid (stearic acid), with a tiny amount saponified (made into a crystalline form) to give it a sheen. These creams don't leave an oily finish, but they do give face powder a smooth, adherent base that gives the look of peach skin when applied over foundation. Good face powder requires a variety of ingredients to achieve its desired effects: talc facilitates spreading; chalk or kaolin absorbs moisture; magnesium stearate aids in adhesion; zinc oxide and titanium dioxide enable deeper skin coverage; and different pigments impart color. The more contemporary equivalent of rouge, which is used to blend more color throughout the face, is blusher. Rouge is used to draw attention to the cheekbones and can be utilized to create enhanced color. Often, women's handbags have little kits including compressed face powder and rouge or blusher. 

Eye makeup

Eye makeup, which is typically seen as essential to a full makeup look, consists of eye shadow in various shades for the eyelids, mascara to accentuate the lashes, and eyebrow pencils and eyeliner to highlight the edges of the lids. Since eye makeup is applied next to a highly sensitive area, ingredient safety is crucial.


Lipstick is a cosmetic that is virtually always worn since, like the eyes, it draws attention to the mouth, which can also have pleasantly textured and colored lips. The fatty base of lipstick is stiff by nature, although it spreads readily when applied. Pigment is typically used to create color; reds are the most common color, although titanium dioxide, a white substance that adds brightness and cover, is also used. Lipsticks are manufactured to the strictest safety standards because they are applied to delicate surfaces and eventually consumed.

Other cosmetics

Hair preparations consist of scented detergents that are soapless (soap leaves a film on the hair); products that are meant to give the hair body and gloss, like lotions with alcohol base and resin-based sprays, brilliantines, and pomades; and hair conditioners meant to repair damaged hair. Ammonium thioglycolate is a chemical that is used in permanent wave and hair straightening treatments to loosen hair from its natural set. Permanent or semipermanent dyes are used as hair colorants to add color to dull or mousy-colored hair, and hydrogen peroxide is used as a bleach to turn hair blonde. Almost all toiletries and cosmetics contain perfumes. Bath crystals, mouthwashes, depilatories, nail polish, astringents, and antiperspirants are other items related to cleanliness and grooming.


Whether we're buying hygiene, makeup, skincare, or personal care products, we all encounter difficulties when we shop online but not the best online shop in BD named AnayaseYou have come to the perfect spot if you want to shop for men, women, and children in Bangladesh's top online stores. The best place to shop for cosmetics is Anayase, which offers a huge selection of products under one roof, including accessories, face care, body care, footwear, and more. With our extensive selection of stylish items, it's time to reinvent your style statement. The newest designer merchandise direct from fashion and cosmetics houses are available for purchase in our online store. From the comfort of your home, you can shop at the best online shop in BD at Anayase and have your favorites delivered straight to your door.


The most frequent issues we deal with are those related to product authenticity and brand availability. 

While perusing numerous e-commerce websites, we come across brands that aren't exclusive to one platform. 

We essentially order from several websites in order to get around this, but we lose out on some deals or discounts as a result.

We are pleased to introduce Anayase, the best online shop in BD that can solve all of your problems, to assist the people of Bangladesh in getting out of this situation. 

All of the major brands are available for purchase under one roof, with free shipping, multiple offers, and 100% original merchandise.


Anayase the best online shop in BD offers a large selection of reasonably priced goods from well-known international brands and your favorite brands. To make your shopping experience faster and easier, all of our brands and products are divided into three categories: makeup, skincare, and personal care. With so many products, Anayase can satisfy any need and suit any type of skin.


Look no further if you're looking for makeup for your lips, eyes, nails, or faceAnayase the best online shop in BD provides you with a large selection of makeup items from the Golden Rose brand, including concealer, foundation, eyeliner, lipstick, and more.


It can be challenging to locate genuine personal care products from various brands in one location, such as body lotion, body mist, shampoo, and conditioner for hair. However, Anayase is available to address all of your worries. You can also find body spray, perfumes, mom & baby products, and other fragrances and hygiene items. Shop the best body care, fragrance, and hair care products online at the best online shop in BD by browsing through our categories.


It goes without saying that since skincare products are so important in our lives, we should choose the ones that are best for our skin type. We have a large selection of products for every type of skin, including face cream, serums, moisturizers, and sunscreen. Additionally, look for products that are tailored to your needs based on the ingredients. For example, if you want to brighten your skin, get skincare products with vitamin C, or if you want a glowing complexion, choose the K-beauty product line. Browse products at Anayase that will meet all of your needs.


Your children are worthy of the best. With the aid of our baby care collection, expectant or new mothers can find everything they require to embark on a hassle-free parenting journey, including bodysuits, booties, diapers, and strollers. You can put your trust in us without hesitation when it comes to comfort, safety, and hygiene. For your baby, Mycey & Wee Baby, Pampers are the most reputable names in the industry.


Anayase, the best online shop in BD, proves its cosmetics relevance every day by introducing stylish new items. The Anayase shopping app hasn't had any problems keeping up with the rapid changes in cosmetics trends. Furthermore, Anayase launched The Anayase Insider, its first-ever loyalty program, with the goal of providing customers with the best possible service. With the Anayase app, you can take advantage of early sales, priority delivery, amazing discounts, and other unique benefits on all of your purchases. Get the Anayase app for your iOS or Android smartphone now, and enjoy shopping like never before!


Are Golden Rose products safe?

The majority of women worldwide attest to the safety of Golden Rose cosmetic products, making it the oldest beauty brand in Turkey. 

All Golden Rose cosmetics are unquestionably safe and designed to accommodate Bangladeshi women's various skin tones and complexions. Since every woman has a different skin type, there is no one-size-fits-all-all formula for makeup. 

Therefore, it is advised that you test the product of your choice on a specific area for a few days before starting to use it regularly to check for any allergic reactions.

Golden Rose offers a large selection of cosmetics, including lip crayons, foundations, eyeliners, sunscreens with varying SPFs, and kajal. Browse through all of Golden Rose's beauty products online at anayase.com, then select the ones that most closely match your skin type.

Is Golden Rose A Good Brand To Buy Cosmetic and Beauty Products?

Bangladeshi women are the focus of the beauty brand Golden Rose, whose cosmetics meet international standards. It is one of the most reputable and established brands in Turkey, having been proven over many generations to provide dependable and high-quality goods. Golden Rose Turkey produces cosmetics and skin care items suitable for various events. You can easily achieve a runway-to-bridal look with Anayase makeup kits. 

Why Choose Anayase To Buy Cosmetic & Beauty Products?

The secret is quality: Bangladesh's first beauty brand, Anayase, offers products that meet international standards. 

We use the most cutting-edge techniques to ensure that all of our cosmetic products are made with Bangladeshi women's skin tones in mind. 

It is still the most beloved brand among the current generation of women, having gained the affection and trust of women in our previous generation.

Fair Costs: The Anayase items are reasonably priced. The company offers goods at prices that suit all budgets. 

Their prices seem fair given the caliber of the products they provide. Visit the online store at anayase.com to purchase your favorite Anayase cosmetics.

Broad Range: Anayase possesses all the things a girl could desire. Anayase offers a variety of cosmetic products to capture your heart, ranging from skincare to makeup. 

Among the many products available are concealers, foundations, sunscreens, kajal and kohl, mascara, lip liners, lipsticks, lip balms, nail polish, eye shadows, and much more. 

So, you can effortlessly achieve any makeup mood with the best Anayase products, whether it be shimmery, nude, glossy, bold, subtle, or matte.

Should I Spray Perfume on My Clothes or Skin?

When perfume is sprayed on clothing, a more delicate aroma slowly diffuses and leaves a pleasing aftereffect. 

Freshness: Fragrances cling to clothing longer than they do to the skin. You can prolong the fresh scent of your clothing by applying perfume to it.

What is the Best Room Spray?

Spray Roxanne Refresher for Rooms. Given how well Roxanne works and smells, it should come as no surprise that we also enjoy the room freshener.

How to Care for Leather Shoes?

Try to avoid placing leather items in the direct sun or heat. If there is a chance of heavy rain, bring an umbrella to prevent the leather from getting wet. 

Use a soft cloth or brush with soft bristles once a week to dust or clean your belongings. Avoid stuffing wallets, purses, or duffle bags with too much stuff.

Which Extra Virgin Olive Oil is Real?

Probably the most well-known are Turkey, Italy, Spain, and Greece, though Croatia and Turkey have also recently produced some of the highest-rated oils. 

Though states like Texas, Arizona, and Georgia are also becoming more and more suppliers, California is the state that produces some of the best olive oils in the country. 

The best of them is Olive Oil's Land Olive.

How to Take Care of Your Body Skin?

  1. Clean up.

  2. Prevent sun damage. Wear protective clothing, apply sunscreen, and limit your exposure to the sun.

  3. Avoid using sunlamps or tanning beds. They release the same dangerous UV rays as the sun does.

How to Take Care of Hair?

  1. Wash hair that is oily more often.

  2. Apply shampoo directly to the scalp.

  3. Unless you use a "2-in-1" shampoo that simultaneously cleans and conditions hair, use conditioner after every shampoo.

  4. Apply conditioner mainly to the ends of your hair.

  5. Select shampoo and conditioner that are made especially for the type of hair you have.


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