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Wee Baby Oval Body Round Teat Soother
Wee Baby Oval Body Round Teat Soother

Wee Baby Oval Body Round Teat Soother

Price : 500

Brand : WeeBaby

Category : Wee baby soother

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Quantity : 1


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Choosing the proper soother might be challenging because there is a vast variety available. Soothers can be a relaxing aid for satisfying a baby's sucking demands. To accommodate varying needs, Wee Baby provides a variety of soothers. Because they feel and look most like a mother's breast, oval body round shape soothers help babies adjust more easily. Your infant will be drawn to them because they come in three sizes and six different colors. 

  • Mom's breasts are comparable in form and texture.
  • makes sure the infant can adjust easily.
  • Mom's breasts are similar in feel and form.
  • Guarantees the baby's smooth adaptation.
  • Produced under FDA guidelines.
  • Natural silicone has no taste or odor, which is how teat is created.
  • Transparent and easily cleaned, silicone never gets sticky.
  • Babies find it easier to adjust when their soother's plump, round teat mimics a real breast. The faces of your baby are best suited for round and vertical soother body shapes.

Title:Wee Baby Oval Body Round Teat Soother (18+ Months)
Brand:Wee Baby
Material‎Mixed Materials
ColourBlue, Pink
Country of OriginTurkey
Age18 Months+
Number of Pieces1 Pcs
Material FreeBPA-free
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