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 Wee Baby Water Teether

Wee Baby Water Teether


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Teething can be a trialing time for both mom and baby. Wee Baby is here for you during these tougher periods, with thoughtful products that help you to enjoy every special moment with your baby. Our water-filled teethers can really help with teething, brightly colored to attract your baby’s attention, and filled with water which can be cooled in the refrigerator to provide an extra-cooling massage for sore, uncomfortable gums. Teethers can provide some much-needed relief for your baby, as well as improve grasping and touching skills!

Here are some potential benefits of using a water teether like the "Wee Baby Water Teether":

Soothing relief: The soft texture and coolness of the water-filled teether can help soothe sore gums and provide relief from teething pain.

Safe chewing: Teething toys are designed with safety in mind, providing babies with a safe object to chew on that won't pose a choking hazard.

Encourages sensory exploration: Teething toys often feature different textures and shapes, encouraging babies to explore and manipulate the toy with their hands and mouths, which can help with their sensory development.

Distraction: Chewing on a teething toy can help distract babies from the discomfort of teething and provide them with a comforting activity.

Easy to clean: Many water teethers are designed to be easy to clean and sterilize, ensuring that they remain hygienic for your baby to use.


Massages and comforts teething babies’ gums. Contains drinking water. Can be refrigerated for an extra-cooling massage for your baby. Vibrant colors help the baby see and hold the teether easily. Teat is made from odorless and tasteless natural silicone. Silicone is transparent, easy to clean, and does not become tacky

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