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 wee baby sippy cup with grip 250 ml

Wee Baby Sippy Cup With Grip 250 ML


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Water needs of the babies as well as vitamins and minerals are provided through the breast milk of the mothers during their development. The transition to supplementary food is accelerating as mothers start to work or they are lack breast milk. With the transition to supplementary food, the babies’ need for water will increase accordingly as babies’ consumption of food increases. Sippy cups that you will use during this period will help your baby to feel comfortable while drinking water. Wee Baby Sippy Cups with Grips will be the most ideal option for you. A specially designed silicone teat will prevent babies to spill water while they are drinking. The liquid will flow only when the baby is sucking it. The air ducts in the lower part of the teat will provide continuous flow and prevent the baby from swallowing the air and prevent the formation of colic. In addition to all these features, the specially designed grips will help develop of holding and gripping abilities of babies.


Colors: 1. Pink 2. Blue

● Soft and inclined teat tip is compatible with baby's mouth tissue Non-spill, non-drip special teat design.

● The teat is silicone and flexible.

● Air vent on the anti-colic teat prevents babies to swallow air during feeding.

● The curved handles are ideal for babies to grip easily.

● A special in-built airflow system in the teat prevents gas from forming and provides a comfortable milk flow.

● Teat is made from odorless and tasteless natural silicone. Silicone is transparent, easy to clean, and does not become tacky

● A special cut non-spill system preventing leaks is available

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