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 wee baby non spill pp trainer cup 250 ml

Wee Baby Non - Spill Pp Trainer Cup 250 ML



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Babies also get vital vitamins and minerals in water, as well as breast milk. Formula milk may also become part of a baby’s diet depending on the mom’s schedule and choice, especially if she is returning to work. Depending on the food and formula intake in your baby’s diet, their need for water will change too.

Wee Baby’s Anti-Colic Non-Spill Handled PP Cups can help your baby transition into using sippy cups, which will help them to drink water comfortably. It has a specially designed silicone tip, which prevents water spills as liquid only flows when your baby sucks. The air vents on the lower part of the tip prevents air from being swallowed, this prevents colic. In addition to these features, the gripped-handles will help develop your baby’s grasping and holding skills too.


Teat designed to prevent spills and drips. Flexible silicone teat. Air vents allow constant milk flow with anti-colic and anti-gas features. Special in-built air flow system in the teat prevents gas from forming and provides a comfortable milk flow