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Wee Baby Classic Pp Feeding Bottle 250 ML



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There are many different types of feeding bottles available. Choosing the right one for you and your baby is very important, as feeding is vital for a baby’s development. A well-designed feeding bottle, such as Wee Baby’s Classic PP Feeding Bottle, won’t leak and should provide an experience as similar to breastfeeding as possible. The rounded silicone teat mimics natural breastfeeding allow for an easy-fed, and will be comfortable for your baby. The anti-drop protective lid also means you can carry the bottle around in your bag without worrying.


Colors: 1. Sky Blue-(6-18 Month) 2. Baby Pink-(6-18 Month)

● Round teat mimics breastfeeding.

● Vents on teat ensure constant milk flow.

● The product comes with teat no.1 (suitable for ages 0-6 months) suitable with teat no.2 and no.3.

● BPA-free, manufactured at FDA standards.

● Teat is made from odorless and tasteless natural silicone. Silicone is transparent, easy to clean and does not become tacky

● Soother’s plump round teat mimics a natural breast helping babies to adapt easily. Round and vertical soother body types are compatible with your baby’s face: 1. 0-6 months 2. 6-18 months 3. 18+ months