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WEE BABY Classic Pp Feeding Bottle With Grip 270 ML (EVIL EYE)



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: 50303009

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Evil Eye Series, which has a unique design with its special printing technique, will become indispensable for you and your baby.

  • Provides medium flow with size 2 nipple for the use of 6-18 months.
  • With the handles, babies can bind the bottle more comfortably and develop their self-feeding abilities.
  • Round nipple tip gives a feeling of sucking from the mother's breast. 
  • Canal lines on the nipple tip prevent the nipple tip from sticking. 
  • Suitable with size 1-2-3 bottle nipples.

The products used in the nutrition and development of babies are of great importance. Changes are also observed in the feeding habits of babies, especially in the 6-18 month period, when their binding and holding abilities develop. During this period, babies do not feel an intense desire for breastfeeding as it is in feeding for 0-6 months but, they need to be breastfed frequently for their development. The 6-18 month period is among the ideal periods for bottle feeding. The special design of the Wee Baby Handled PP Feeding Bottles which are among the bottle types, improves the holding ability of your baby while the round-tipped bottle nipple will give the feeling of sucking from the mother's breast.