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Wee Baby Anti-Colic Pp Bottle 240 ML



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: 50302008

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Air enters from the vent adapter and routes directly through the internal vent system. Air passes through the vent tube, bypassing the milk, to the end of the bottle. Air does not dissolve into the milk. The anti-colic system balances the internal and external air pressure. The baby can be fed continuously without swallowing air.

● A specially designed anti-colic system helps to reduce air swallowed by the baby during bottle-feeding

● It prevents colic formation and discomfort.

● Channels on the teat strengthen the teat structure and prevent constriction.

● The vent tube prevents the air from dissolving in the milk.

● Inside the package, there is an air vent cleaning brush.


● The teat is suitable for 0-6-month-old babies. Teat number 2 can be provided for 6-18-month-old babies and number 3 can be provided for 18+-month-old babies.

● Made from BPA-free materials

● BPA-free, manufactured by FDA-approved raw materials.

● Teat is made from odorless and tasteless natural silicone. Silicone is transparent, easy to clean, and does not become tacky