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Roxanne Body Mist Lime & Apple 150 ML



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: 551004

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Product details of Roxanne Body Mist Lime & Apple 150 ML

Brand Name: Roxanne
Product Types: Body Mist
Fregnance Name: Lime & Apple
Variant : Five
Volume: 0.15 kg
Volume: 150 ML
Benefits: The zesty combination of lime and apple delivers an instant energy boost, revitalizing your senses. Enjoy a lingering and rejuvenating fragrance that stays with you throughout the day.

Why Use Roxanne Body Mist Lime & Apple 150 ML?
Golde Rose Body mist has become a staple in the world of personal care, offering a delightful alternative to traditional perfumes and colognes. Here are compelling reasons why using body mist is a favored choice for many:
Light and Refreshing:
GR Body mist provides a light and subtle fragrance that is perfect for everyday wear. It doesn't overwhelm the senses but leaves a refreshing and pleasant aura.
Versatility in Application:
Unlike heavier perfumes, Gr body mist can be generously applied without the fear of being too overpowering. Its versatility allows you to reapply throughout the day for a continuous burst of freshness.
Ideal for Daily Use:
The gentle nature of body mists makes them suitable for daily use. Whether heading to work, the gym, or a social event, a spritz of body mist is an effortless way to enhance your overall appeal.
Hydrating Formulas:
Golden Rose body mists are formulated with hydrating ingredients, contributing to skin nourishment. This dual-purpose product not only adds fragrance but also promotes skin health.


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