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Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML (Gallon Glass Bottle)
Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML (Gallon Glass Bottle)

Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML (Gallon Glass Bottle)

Price : 1400

Brand : Olive Oils Land

Category : Extra virgin olive oil

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500 ML Gallon Glass Bottle EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL

Our Olive Oils Land brand olive oils are made at our facilities using the cold pressing method, which ensures the highest level of protection for food safety regulations. People also refer to it as The Aegean Olive Oil's Flavour. It provides both health and beauty.To make it, just smash the olives and squeeze out the juice. It is the only oil that is made without the use of chemicals or industrial refining. It is made from the water of olives that are chosen to be exceptionally special. The acidity of this sort of extra virgin olive oil is limited to 0.8, making it the highest quality available. It smells like freshly cut grass, green almonds, green almonds, and green Apples, tomato stems, green banana peels, artichokes, and peas all have a pleasant, perfume-like scent. From harvest to customer delivery, all processes are designed and executed in compliance with the ISO 9001 Quality Management System, including quality control activities.

  • Type of Product: Olive Oil
  • OliveOilsLand Brand
  • 500 ML Net Weight.
  • Packaging: Glass bottle, one gallon size.
  • Components: Olive
  • Food value: Vitamin E, monounsaturated and saturated fats


Extra virgin olive oil is very beneficial to our health. Its advantages are endless. The majority of physicians advise everyone who want to maintain a healthy diet to make olive oil a mainstay in their diet. Here are a few health advantages of extra virgin olive oil.

Title:Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 500 ML (Gallon Glass Bottle)
Brand:Olive Oils Land
Volume500 ml
Container Type(Gallon Glass Bottle)
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