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Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2000 ML (Pet Bottle)
Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2000 ML (Pet Bottle)

Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2000 ML (Pet Bottle)

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Brand : Olive Oils Land

Category : Extra virgin olive oil

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2000 mL PET bottle of Extra Virgin Olive Oil, a convenient and versatile option for your culinary needs. Sourced from the sun-drenched groves of Turkey's Aegean Region, our olive oil is cold-pressed to preserve its natural flavor and health benefits, ensuring you experience the essence of Mediterranean cuisine. Packaged in a PET bottle, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil is lightweight, durable, and easy to handle, making it perfect for everyday use in the kitchen. Whether you're drizzling it over salads, using it for cooking, or dipping bread, its rich taste and aroma elevate every dish to gourmet status. With a maximum Free Fatty Acid (FFA) content of 0.8% and peroxide value of 20.0, our Extra Virgin Olive Oil meets stringent quality standards, guaranteeing freshness and purity with every pour. Plus, the PET bottle ensures protection from light and air, preserving the oil's integrity for longer shelf life. Experience the rich taste and health benefits of our Extra Virgin Olive Oil in a convenient 2000 mL PET bottle. Whether you're a home cook, a professional chef, or a food enthusiast, it's time to elevate your culinary creations with the essence of the Mediterranean.

  • 2,000 ml, or 67,62 fl.oz
  • Maximum Cold Press Free Fat Acidity: 0.8% (representative of oleic acid)
  • Peroxide maximum determination: 20,0 (mEqO2/kg)
  • Turkey is the origin.
  • Name: Olive Oils Land; Aegean Harvest Zone
  • Parts for every carton six bottles in the box

Title:Olive Oils Land Extra Virgin Olive Oil 2000 ML (Pet Bottle)
Brand:Olive Oils Land
IngredientsOlive Oil
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