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Mycey Non-Spill Sippy Cup with Handle 240 ML
Mycey Non-Spill Sippy Cup with Handle 240 ML

Mycey Non-Spill Sippy Cup with Handle 240 ML

Price : 1280

Brand : MyCey

Category : Mycey cups & spoons

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The Mycey Non-Spill Sippy Cup with Handle, holding 240ml, is a practical choice for toddlers who are learning to drink independently. Here are some benefits of this type of sippy cup:, The non-spill feature helps prevent messy spills and reduces the likelihood of accidents, making it easier for toddlers to drink without constant supervision. The transition from bottles or breastfeeding to cups can be challenging for toddlers. A sippy cup with a familiar bottle-like nipple or spout facilitates a smoother transition, easing the learning process. Look for cups made from safe materials like BPA-free plastic, ensuring your child's safety and health during use. The handle provides toddlers with a comfortable grip, promoting independence and confidence as they learn to hold and drink from the cup on their own.

  • Spill-Proof Design
  • Easy Transition
  • Safe Materials
  • Appropriate Capacity
  • Easy to Clean

Title:Mycey Non-Spill Sippy Cup with Handle 240 ML
ColourBaby Pink
Volume240 ml
FeaturesEasy to Use
Easy to Clean.
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