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Golden Rose Pencil Sharpener
Golden Rose Pencil Sharpener

Golden Rose Pencil Sharpener

Price : 300

Brand : Golden Rose

Category : Makeup kits

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Quantity : 1


Delivery Charge in Dhaka : TK 60Delivery Charge Outside Dhaka : TK 130


Our premium Pencil Sharpener, expertly crafted to effortlessly sharpen both regular and jumbo pencils with precision and ease, ensuring a smooth and consistent result every time, without the fear of breakage. Designed with the utmost care and attention to detail, our pencil sharpener boasts durable blades that are engineered to delicately sharpen your pencils to perfection. Whether you're working with standard-sized pencils or larger jumbo pencils, our sharpener is up to the task, providing a flawless sharpening experience that maintains the integrity of your pencils. With its ergonomic design and user-friendly features, our pencil sharpener makes sharpening pencils a breeze. Simply insert your pencil into the appropriate slot, apply gentle pressure, and watch as the sharpener effortlessly transforms your dull pencil into a precise, fine-tipped tool ready for your creative endeavors. Say goodbye to uneven sharpening and frustrating breaks with our reliable Pencil Sharpener. Elevate your writing and drawing experience with a tool that delivers consistent, professional results every time, ensuring that your pencils are always sharp and ready to bring your ideas to life.

Title:Golden Rose Pencil Sharpener
Brand:Golden Rose
QualityBest Quality
Country of OriginTurkey
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