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 Golden Rose Contour Crayon

Golden Rose Contour Crayon



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Golden Rose Contour Crayon, your ultimate tool for sculpting and enhancing your facial features effortlessly! Whether you're looking to define cheekbones, slim a round face, soften a square jawline, narrow a wider nose, or create any other desired effect, our Contour Crayon has got you covered. Infused with Vitamin E, this creamy crayon not only contours your face but also nourishes your skin, leaving it feeling soft and hydrated. Using our Contour Crayon is simple: 1. Start by applying the crayon over bare skin or  foundation, focusing on the areas you want to contour, such as the hollows of your cheeks, along the jawline, and any other desired areas. 2. Then, using your fingertips or a concealer brush, gently blend the crayon into your skin until the contour seamlessly merges with your complexion. 3. Voila! Enjoy a beautifully sculpted look that enhances your natural beauty and defines your facial features. With our Contour Crayon, achieving a professional-looking contour has never been easier. Elevate your makeup game and unlock your true potential with effortless contouring!


Title:Golden Rose Contour Crayon
Brand:Golden Rose
QualityPremium quality
Country of OriginTurkey